Santa Fe today

Santa Fe today, Friday the 13th. Listening to soundtrack of Man & a Woman, my lyrics, my movie. The end is what I imagine mine. The day was blowing cottonwood  and white wisteria  in a blow glow of dance.  There is a certainty about my movements, different than yesterday. I declare this day of summer, sandals,pedicure, trying on my bathing suit, making a palette change, and putting on the ritz. The gloss and bronze, and maybe even going outdoors.  Shopping and going to the Lowriders Day in Santa Fe.











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  1. LL:

    Sounds like a lovely day.

    OH YES…..I was with you every step of the way: sandals, pedicure, (well, maybe not the bathing suit as I don’t have the equipment for it), palette change (don’t forget to suck in your cheeks and put some darker power than your complexion in the hollows below your cheek bones and some lighter powder between the cheek bones and your eyes), shopping all day…..oh yeah! I’ll pass on the lowrider festival but other than that a lovely day.

    Hope you went for a hi-low sun dress when you went out.




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