PUBLICATION PARTY FOR LOCAL AUTHOR’S MEMOIR-CRADLE OF CRIME                                                                      by Luellen Smiley   Share this event SAVE THIS EVENT BOOK PUBLICATION PARTY La Posada Resort & Spa- 330 East Palace Avenue Santa Fe. NM  Sunday – February 12, 2017 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM MST CELEBRATE WITH LOCAL AUTHOR LUELLEN SMILEY Complimentary Wine, Champagne […]


  SEASONAL AND SENSUAL OVERTURE TO REVERIE. SUMMER is not a memory yet; my skin too sensitive, and my heart still attached to the moments.  I’ve misplaced my journals and so I have to read my to-do list to recall the events.  Let’s go back to June; well my head was bent like a candle wick […]

Santa Fe today Santa Fe today, Friday the 13th. Listening to soundtrack of Man & a Woman, my lyrics, my movie. The end is what I imagine mine. The day was blowing cottonwood  and white wisteria  in a blow glow of dance.  There is a certainty about my movements, different than yesterday. I declare this […]


  A NATIVE AMERICAN  LIGHT SHOW. YOU CAN BECOME WHO YOU DREAMED OF, DO WHAT YOU DREAMED OF IN SANTA FE , because Santa  Feans do not care. I heard this slogan a lot when I first moved here seven years ago.  My understanding was vague, unrealized, and I didn’t think much about it until  […]


“ Every ​ so often I get some time off and immediately set my sights on looking at the wind and smelling life that went before. I get it about your Uncle and Dad.”Rudy Funk ​   I​   SOMETIMES I GET MY PRIMITIVE MOOD, which unfortunately gets easier and easier as time goes. I […]


  The embryo of  thought. Sometimes it is negligible,  as is life.  I am the puzzle maker  and every time I try to carve the right size square, I fall off the board and have more material to write about!  The  puzzle is so vast that it covers our life time and the pieces are […]


I was there a few days before I noticed a figure darting from one sea-lion to another. He gestured for me to follow but I couldn’t catch him. He caught me by surprise from behind and wiggled over to me. ‘Let’s eat. I’m starved.” The Thinker dove down then up above my head. He cupped […]


The throw of the dice this week lands on adventures in contemplation. Before the day begins to intersect with my solitude, I sit at my desk in a pre-dawn crystal of clarity. Only the light from a candle shines on a journal of hand written notes. I walked outside to asses the damage of a […]