CRADLE OF CRIME- A Daughter’s Tribute.

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Cradle of Crime: A Daughter’s Tribute
by Luellen Smiley
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One week ago I published my first and not the last book.  It is in the past, and yet not.  Instead of checking PM, tweets, facebook, emails and text a few times a day, your voices on the digital wire are a continuum of exultation. A writer doesn’t accept their work until those reviews come in.  An enormous hug and kiss to all of you who have expressed approval.

Just know that every time one of you writes about my book, I think of when we met, the memories we made, and the immortality of what I 54795916_high-resolution-front-cover_6490467remember.  As I said on the acknowledgment page  in the book, without you I wouldn’t have walked through the archway to my ancestry.

There is a mystical rainbow over this book. For the first time, my father’s relatives are learning about their abashed cousin, uncle, grandfather, and friend. I feel the river of change taking me into the current. It will be my  ride because I am ready to steer on my own.