I have never written about politics. I don’t understand the rules to qualify.   My political thinking is this; the election is a reflection of our integrity, what’s left of it.  Whomever wins is sabotaged. They will be brutalized by the opposing party, and the News will report it.

We are


divided now, opponents on the same team. That’s more than I can tolerate. Either I will go underground wherever that is, or move to a farm and pet goats. I mean really! How much more can we take?

4 thoughts on “ELECTION?

  1. it is a scary time to say the least. I still want to buy a missile silo for safety measures and this year would be the year to do it. Neither candidate is worthy enough to be considered as the next US president in my opinion. Foreigners will wait us out like they normally do since four years go by fast in the long run.


  2. Asheeit…..a great read but confusing responses. Does the establishment condone the illegal activities of what’s her name and the demonizing of the women that her husband demonized once before. Vote Rebublican, Vote Donaldo Trump. If you like what has transpired over the last 8 years? Hopefully not, but if you vote for what’s her name then if you liked the last 8 years, then you will be more than pleased, because you will receive that and more and the United States will officially become a Third World Country. Look at Europe, you better believe they regret their decisions…..but nooooo, America is just way to politically correct to even undertake a thought of self preservation. Liberals…..you will still be my friends, but i will pity you and the short self righteous opinionated ideology you hold so dear…..to the detriment of our very being. Selfish…..yes…..and shame on you…..hang your heads in shame.


  3. LL:

    There is a SIZABLE difference between the repugnicans and the Democrats, if only in that with the repugnicans one suffers through that which one dislikes and get nothing back whereas with the Democrats one suffers through what one dislikes and gets something back.

    But there are many others: the right to love who one loves, the right to control ones own body, the right to rent an apartment regardless of ones race, color, sex or creed (or lack thereof). BIG differences between the repugnicans and the Democrats!

    Jules Pieffier had it right: America is ones right to pick ones own prison. But as long as I have to live in my own prison, I pick the Democratic prison.


    If you don’t, it may be the last vote you ever cast.


  4. Agreed, petting goats would be much better than this election. In addition to living on a farm and petting goats, I think I would also pet bunnies. Do goats and bunnies get along? Chickens could be nice too. You know, if you pick up and pet chickens starting when they are chicks, they grow up to be very gentle birds. I think that’s what this world needs, more goats and bunnies and baby chicks to pet.


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