A WISH FOR THE academy awards

” Who are you really excited about seeing tonight?” Oh I am not excited in the way you ask. I am excited to escape to tinsel tipsy two-liner Hollywood and just listen to those speed talking talking ladies chirp, and then I am a serious film follower. So the films are what it’s all about. […]


http://www.ew.com Ben Affleck wins Directors Guild Award ‘House of Cards’: Netflix has two aces Jennifer Lawrence sets talk-show bar high ‘Warm Bodies’ is No. 1 on Friday: $8.7M ‘Survivor’: Two who said ‘No’ to ‘Caramoan’ Frank Ocean: No charges vs. Chris Brown ‘HIMYM’: Kyle MacLachlan to return ‘Do No Harm’ premieres with ratings thud ‘One […]

Movie recommendations:Bread & Tuplips, Angel Face, Head in the Clouds,Late Marriage, Water for Elephant’s, Sarah’s Key,Pierrot Le Fou, No Where in Africa, The Lives of Others, Gangster, A Love Story, The Counterfeiters, Senso, Croupier, El Grido, The Wide Blue Road, Deja Vu, The Whistle Blower, The Young Adult, John Rabe.

Our nest, is something we build on our own to give us permission to explore, and then question, and we go back to our little nest, and add a bit more certainty because the dinner was great, and the party lasted longer than we thought, and someone smiled at you in a special way, and […]

Demons and Dramas

To a drama-whore like myself, uncertainty is a cocktail. If my life isn’t wrinkled with folds of conflict, I will invent them. These past recollections were the building blocks of my future; I lived on the edge with my father. Ann, my therapist, asked me about my mother but there was so little to tell. […]