20140529_124907DSC02916I cannot believe it took me this long to figure out that  I HAVE A WRITERS ROOM TO RENT and I didn’t post it on lililespen. I am still adapting, reluctantly to understanding IT language, programs, choices, and SOCIAL MARKETING.  Since all of you are writers; let me tell you about GALLERY LOULOU ROCK n ROLL VACATION MANOR.


I rent a Historic (1907) culturally significant  Commercial Residence that is brick and stone, hard wood floors, chandeliers, and

sixteen windows!  Two of the rooms have writing desks, my former desks.  There is an extensive library of fiction and non-fiction, vinyl records, and CD’s.  In the Garden Movie theater  you project films on a wall and have a 6 track CD player so you can mix it up. Silent films I don’t leave out  have but I’ve tried them with my music and it’s kool aid~!

My vacation rental is next door to my Casita;sealed off thick and I have my garden and entrance.

The house and porches, driveway, theater etc are exclusively for you the  tenant.  The house is TWO  BLOCKS FROM THE PLAZA DOWNTOWN, AND Palace Avenue is peppered with bistros, galleries, jewelry shops, gift shops, and antiques.

La Posada Resort and Spa, a Luxury Collection of Starwood Hotels, is across the street.  My guests are welcome to use the Spa at no cost, pending the managers rules that particular day, so you can indulge in spa, pool, and gym.  La Po is my other home; because I can walk across the street and make the staff laugh,  have a drink at the Staab House with Raul and Stephanie;  the best bartenders in town. There’s an outdoor patio and two indoor restaurants serving New Mexican cuisine and luscious cocktails.

As you are all writers; I’ve decided to make an exception and rent out one of the writing rooms. Some of my readers are from India,

Australia, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico and the USA. It would be a thrill to meet anyone of you!  As you see, I go by a saying from the film???

” If you want to know if you can trust someone, trust them.”  I will remember it; I’m sure it was a  gangster flick.

My websites rates are based on the four bedroom house.   The rate for the writers room would be $100.00 night. You would have use of the downstairs kitchen if the house was not occupied.

http://www.vrbo.com/345671,    http://www.galleryloulouvacationsantafenm.com/wordpress,  http://www.historicstay.com 




  1.  Hi Awesome  L L !    Wow ,  i hope u hear some great response on this ! 🙂  how are you today ?  i fi nished early ,  came home & Slept – altho i do also sleep at night very well . i made a big healthy lunch &  watched tv , slept 🙂   under huge down comforters !

       i am  ,  well –      i  feel  so   sad .     numb,   almost          to the    too great  of heartache that  is present & awaits me . 

             sometimes,  i find straightening & cleaning are so mehow ,   a little bit therapeutic …. 

      a sense of acomplishment &  ” control  ”    ?       ; )    

         so nice to see the sun out –   i hope u are enjoying your evening .

     we love u 🙂 !  hugs , from me & pumpkin


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