real socializing
real socializing

Our society has led us to the path of non-involvement. FB did that,
Email did that, cell phones did that. Yea, I love em’  for the
thing they knew we’d love them for; a delete button.

We, I mean most of us that don’t control millions of political decisions, cannot handle much more. But we could save ourselves from a real famine, a civil war , or  war on our country.   Who  would come to our aid? I really wonder.  I bet on us; the ones who’ve always struggled.
We are not involved with each other anymore; it’s like having a manicure to break out of a relationship, and if you lose your job you won’t have enough money for a manicure. So you don’t lose your job; you work  eighteen hours a day and get paid less than your staff.   But nobody cares; not unless you go viral or if you have a million   Blog stats. Social media. Then you will go somewhere; you will have a job. Artists, are  digital: writers, photographers;  musicians. Who knows whose who anymore.  I think Theater is the only venue left of our physical   involvement.  Theater is life; and no one walks out without having something to say.  I also include: dance, concerts, opera, poetry readings, performance artist, and comedians.  I prefer to see it live!


  1. Hi, Good commentary as usual – I sure do agree with you that live is better, even looking for date ( have to tell you about Mary’s “Friends First” meeting people group – They are at La Po one Friday a month – in a private room with name social tags, I’m sure we’ve seen them and mocked them, but hey, they are out there meeting people live instead of cruising! Cute picture of your birdies – out here it’s like THE BIRDS, They attack my windows, a nest under from porch portal so now attaching my car windows & mirrors and the front door. Yikes, they are crazy! G


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