I feel myself crossing the double yellow line,

into the lane of a demon woman and full of hellish fire. It is the line that divides those that still care from those that just, whatever.  

Never thought I’d be a don’t care, no dreamer, no hope woman
but I am there.  What is God telling me? What is the message?

Why am I meeting pitiful people? Do they reflect me?
Do they mimic me? Do breasts mean everything?
Was my youth my only charm?

Why are men blocking instead of
buying me drinks?

Why do they
prick, instead of prune?

Only when they are detonated with insults do they respond.
Is the strong female driven Hollywood character
emblazoning every commercial, film, ad, and song
Stolen the testosterone?

I am going to look for the eighties woman I was. She was

full of laughter, confidence, romance and aspiration.


4 thoughts on “WHERE DID SHE GO?

    1. Deborahah
      How’s your mother? How are you doing in Atlanta? Bring me up to date.
      My spirit is in remission, so done with Santa Fe!
      Everyone is leaving, or left.

      No man in my life, but my house is rented to Opera musicians all summer, and they’re all darlings. We’ll be having some
      jolly times, they love to cook and want to perform on the porch for the public. Rudy is in San Diego and coming back in July for a visit.

      Take care beauty,


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