It was the robins egg blue sky

Blowing the whiteness of kitten clouds that caressed the windshield

Etched on a notepad bouncing on my lap

San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio Riverwalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ink leaking in states unfamiliar.

San Antonio!

Spritzed under the canopy of a Germanic facade

We almost bought a bookstore

With an apartment upstairs

And a laundry room

The highway asphalt burned my soles

The sky dropped lower; like a collapsed ceiling

He was driving into his dreams

Suitcases left open for impulse stops

Riverwalk; in wet steam that clouded my head

Touched by the exotic aroma of jasmine

Slouching on a rib of wealth

And then it was over

Collected in memoirs

Old clothes and postcards

San Antonio; slipped away on a lily pad in the river



The ripples of my life.

The ripples of my life. (Photo credit: Athena’s Pix)


Unprepared, who knows where

The leaves will fall

They don’t plan

Where to land

Maybe New York

Maybe Los Angeles

The postman can find

The house I live in

It is only walls

That keeps me inside.

Undisclosed strangers will walk in our paths

Cross our hearts and

Tread our minds


We traverse our hearts discourse

Shooting for dreams of undiscovered lands

More weightless plans

I don’t know if I can see ahead

My steps like stones thrown in the river

Ripple on the banks of everyone’s estate.


Skipping towards freedom

In summer rays of light.

Like a leaf I break free from the branch of life.