It was the robins egg blue sky

Blowing the whiteness of kitten clouds that caressed the windshield

Etched on a notepad bouncing on my lap

San Antonio Riverwalk
San Antonio Riverwalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ink leaking in states unfamiliar.

San Antonio!

Spritzed under the canopy of a Germanic facade

We almost bought a bookstore

With an apartment upstairs

And a laundry room

The highway asphalt burned my soles

The sky dropped lower; like a collapsed ceiling

He was driving into his dreams

Suitcases left open for impulse stops

Riverwalk; in wet steam that clouded my head

Touched by the exotic aroma of jasmine

Slouching on a rib of wealth

And then it was over

Collected in memoirs

Old clothes and postcards

San Antonio; slipped away on a lily pad in the river



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