I watched coverage today in Paris from an online British station. It is important to me. More important than writing or dressing or going out. The journalists were sympathetic, the interviews soulful, the images–silencing. I don’t believe prayers are enough. President Hollande declared war.

Last night I watched a French film, Lola, before I heard the news. This was a film of Paris as golden and grainy as autumn. I thought I must go to Paris. Today I still must go to Paris.  BN-LG537_1114FR_J_20151114151709


I cannot Mideast_Iraq_Lines_in_Sand_Analysis-0f695overlook the rise of a new terrorist organization, one most of us have not heard about.  The news broke on the day I hosted a party.  The preparation  was surreal; as I switched  from party chores to watch  the television coverage. Breathless journalists, some who  only that day learned of  ISIS,  masked their emotions. The truth was too barbaric even for a seasoned war correspondent.  A week has passed; and the ISIS is not mentioned in conversations that I over- hear. When  I mention the threat I see my listener flick it off, like a flee.  I sense their aversion to terrorism in the Middle East; while I am drawn to it.

This image posted on a Twitter account on June 12 shows militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria removing part of the soil barrier on the Iraq-Syria border and moving through it.  (AP Photo/albaraka_news)