I’ve had bar chats with Sam; many Santa Fe locals claim friendship; he’s our Santa Fe Shepard for independent thinking, accessibility, dust-bowl prolific honesty and still a flush hand of rugged classic looks. The last time I saw him, he was sitting next to me at Geronimo, writing in his little notebook and eating steak.  […]


In a current of unexpected waves I floated towards the Pacific Ocean, and landed along the anfractuous Santa Monica Mountains. Malibu where exotic fish are silhouettes behind glass aquariums perched on  sand dunes or in swank foreign carriers has bitten my interest to understand how an exotic lives.  The salty seaweed smell of the ocean […]


THE SCREEN IN SANTA FE scheduled three showings of this Docudrama. Huh? Sam ol’ boy lives in Santa Fe. I’ve had bar chats with him, everyone has, and he’s our mascot for independence, accessibility, and still a flush hand of rugged classic looks. Like he should be Ralph Lauren‘s model, not Ralph. I figured the […]


Silent Sunday, before the raucous of Cinco de Mayo in Santa Fe. Awakening to the thread of emotion after watching “The Only Thrill” a movie made in 1997 with Shepard and Keaton. Shepard says,” NO! Things don’t just work out, you have to make it happen.”

A WISH FOR THE academy awards

” Who are you really excited about seeing tonight?” Oh I am not excited in the way you ask. I am excited to escape to tinsel tipsy two-liner Hollywood and just listen to those speed talking talking ladies chirp, and then I am a serious film follower. So the films are what it’s all about. […]


I moved in with my Dad when I was thirteen years old.  My mother had just passed away, and I arrived with innocence and untrained cooking skills.  Mom was an Irish Catholic meatloaf and corn-beef cook.  Dad was a Russian Orthodox raised  moderate vegetarian, and decided to hire a chef to teach me how to […]

Demons and Dramas

To a drama-whore like myself, uncertainty is a cocktail. If my life isn’t wrinkled with folds of conflict, I will invent them. These past recollections were the building blocks of my future; I lived on the edge with my father. Ann, my therapist, asked me about my mother but there was so little to tell. […]


SCREENPLAY:  My Hoodlum Saint is the story of a woman whose survival is wedged between love and fear of her father. It exposes my struggle to survive adolescence while growing up in my father’s secret and terrifying world, where only family could be trusted. For more information contact me: