In a Sunday silence, she hopscotches  to a  nuance in 2018 when a handsome man offered a hand of conversation.

He walked with her and stopped in front of a Spanish Colonial residence shrouded in exotic flora and fauna.

“ That’s where I live,” he said keenly.

“ How long have you lived there? she asked

“ Thirteen years. I am so grateful for my home.”

She silenced her thoughts, less thankful of her dome.

She once lived on a street

Of serenity and beauty

Her view was scoured with a sightlessness of New Mexican history  

Unshaken by the homes regal display

 To live without grateful when your basket is complete.

Is like living in blindness from head to foot.


  1. Lou Lou, your pictures are very sweet, so is the story. It is so difficult to be grateful. You don’t even realize what you have is worth millions until you lose it. I think that’s true for everyone. Better times are waiting for you; just a little more patience. 😘

    On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 4:29 PM STEP BEHIND MY SCREEN OF STORIES. The inner voice where gaps of expressi

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