I understand how to harmonize with tragedy. Tomorrow I may be Loulou, but tonight I am all adult.  The crashing of my life is cushioned and softened by music. Thank you, Puccini. Photo of my Malibu residency, it just seems to fit the opera. Or it could be Stairway to Heaven? I can’t write any more now, the music has modified my sadness so I’m going to say goodnight and pray for South Carolina and all my fellow Americans in the path of more disaster then me.


2 thoughts on “OPERA OF THE NIGHT.

    1. What about the writing…. mo one comments any more, just lie and say its marvelous That stairway is not where I am now, it was a few years ago when I lived their for a couple of monts. How was Provincetwon- fantastic?? call me when you are unbeached.


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