Morning comes after two cups of French Press.   I sit here at the desk, peeking out the glass door to  the shady side of the street.  I do not know where I will be living, what I will be doing, or who I will be doing it with next month.  Uncertainly, I move in and out of situations and get swept up in my ideas and fantasies.  I buy and sell, make and remake, move-in, move-out, leave homes, careers, friends and relationships.  I move out of comfort

art nouveau dome of light

art nouveau dome of light (Photo credit: e³°°°)

and into uncertainty because it feels more like home moving than staying in one place.

I have to put the words on the paper and look at it to make it real.

Raising a family, sprouting barriers and responsibilities might have changed me, but I didn’t. I’m unchanged in some ways, still running through the hallways of the hotels, gardens, and neighborhoods. Do you know what I mean?


Levon helm performing with The Band. Hamburg, ...

Levon helm performing with The Band. Hamburg, May 1971. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have this greatest love for The Band.. brought on by a listen when I was about seventeen.

My two best friends, Lizzie and Billy. Billy played the guitar, from Tulsa, so he got it, and his sister Lizzie sang.

I sat crossed legged in her English boudoir bedroom in Bel Air, and knew they were the musical advisories.  I never may have known the Band if it wasn’t for them.

How come no one has spoken about Levon? Are we too obsessed with mediocrity? How did our tastes vanish into


Now it’s the Kardasian, whatever her name is.  Who cares. Why? What happened to us?

I loved you Levon. I love you The Band. It breaks my heart.