Nicholas Ray
Nicholas Ray (Photo credit: www_ukberri_net)
Portrait of Martha Graham and Bertram Ross (19...
Portrait of Martha Graham and Bertram Ross (1961 June 27) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE THROW OF THE DICE  this week lands on tumbling dice and poets, writers, musicians, photographers, directors, visual artists, composers, choreographers, actors and the untitled and unrecognized that squeeze in between.  Kipling, Salinger ( my all time favorite) Mozart, the Beatles, Stieglitz,  Nicholas RayKandinsky, Johnny MercerMartha Graham, and James Dean.

Composition VI (1913)
Composition VI (1913) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They were all lovers before they were artists.

LOVERS travel mentally and physically through life with all the windows open; awaiting a sight, sound, or feeling that draws them to their art. The feelings are what count on our life ledger.  I have to thank Billy, my first love at eighteen. He was an artist of music,Gothic charcoal sketches, comic humor, and life. He opened my window to the arts.

That life ledger is always in the red because an appetite of feelings, and emotions eventually depreciate the spirit. Some of us rise above, and the flow of printed green paper comforts that spirit, but emotions continue to dominate all the success.

I have to write this in short sequence, as I am moving between, the loss of a remarkable woman, a flood in the house, hotel rooms, and the possibility of ever falling in love again.

To be continued later.


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