After I  published this last story,  I spoke with White Zen, my palgal in Santa Fe.  She said the last paragraph of the story made her cry.  Juxtaposed between writers Zen of exporting such feeling, and the sadness we both shared. White Zen had a Thinker too. I guess there are more of them than […]


           I‘ve been stalked by a sensation and image of Loulou, scrambled up in whistles blowing, each one commanding me in a different direction. The annoyance of conflicting orders robs me of my Aladdin ( magic moments),  AS I CLEAR OUT THE FEAR OF NEW FEELINGS .  I feel like time is  belted with interior […]


There are themes to our lives. Sometimes a year, sometimes one single day launches the theme, or it may just tumble into our path unexpected and replace whatever we were holding on to dearly. The sensations leading up to my theme, reverse the order, peeked through the quagmire of disillusionment, frustration and mud heavy quibbling […]


I heard yesterday, James sent a notebook forewarning a psychiatrist at the University- of his murder plan. My arms were filled with laundry, I couldn’t leave the television, my body froze, the words in my head, ‘he asked to be recognized.’

MENTAL HEALTH — James Holmes

The unspoken disease that destroys the untreated, and kills the innocent. I am outraged at such a senseless act, that maybe could have been avoided had someone taken notice of his behavior.


SIDEWALKING TO BREAKING MY SILENCE   This is the beginning of the journey, to write my way home. “The fall was impulsive. All the misguided messages and warnings tumbled over me. When I finally found the bottom of self-defeat, the shelves of my soul empty, I was 43 years old.   Beyond getting married and having […]