Adventures in Santa Fe Livingness.

GROWING UP IN LOS ANGELES,  under the umbrella of powerful, wealthy, and stylish wings.  Women were models and men were moguls.   A lot of wealth came overnight in the film business – some  it took years to acquire,  but mostly it was a time to spread your wings and ride life. Polo matches, speeding yachts in the Marina,  horseback riding in Bel Air, movie premieres, and nightclubs.  By the time this congregation was in their fifties  the wick of life had waxed over, and a new generation was born to carve  their statutes.  That is the billboard  that I didn’t like, resisted, rebelled against, and scrutinized.  At twenty it was easy to jump ship by enrolling in Sonoma  State College and transforming.  My thirties were  career driven and at forty I saddled up for rebellion.  It jumped out of the birthday cake and sent me on  a jolly ride. Here now, at 60ish, a reversal of rebellion has popped up;   I want to walk a panoptic view.   phone-pics-291.png

Living in Santa Fe has forged a masters thesis on reinventing my rhythm, opinions, tolerance, affinity, and creativity.  That is why I’ve been stationed here for nine years;  it has taken that long to strip down the prongs of my LA umbrella.   If only I could homogenize both parts, but it always feels like oil and water. I’m a city gal and a villager. That word balance bounces up a lot. I find it an abstraction that I cannot untangle.  Oh well, there is always the surprise of life, the moment when you go down the drain and then a hand reaches out and places you on a new path.

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