beijing bamboo walkways and dog pyschology
beijing bamboo walkways and dog pyschology (Photo credit: rejon)

in beginnings. Starting over, and rewriting a life you’ve lived many years is the same as re-writing a secret story. It takes the same blind courage. About half between forty and fifty years old, you hear people say, “It’s too late to start over,”  It’s not true. Behavioral change is essential to living a full life.

In the middle of the night I woke up as if it was morning. When I looked out the window, an almost full moon, white as a laundered tablecloth, was staring back at me. It said, get up and write.  I retreated to my corner of the world; a tiny room bathed in blush pink and gold, and I wrote.   The moon watched.

One thought on “STARTING OVER

  1. For those of you who are stuck in your comfort zone, yet uncomfortable, this should be a lesson. It is never to late for anything, as long as the dreams survive.
    A beautiful read. Short, simple and sweet. The thought of the Moon watching is very intriguing.


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