Sometimes I skim through the worksFor Lovers in progress folder and stumble upon something I never finished. This is from that folder, started in 2004.

They make the best friends, and you never have to wonder what it’s like to make love to them… lovers from the past  are not forgotten, and if they are, then they were not true loves, they were just flings.   In my life,  lovers have remained in my heart in a separate compartment, just as their letters, and photographs and mementos are kept in separate stationary boxes in my trunk.

Some lovers keep in touch with me, and others vanished after the break-up. Last month two former lovers contacted me. One from 1977, and one in 1984. I have always said one man is not enough; I need three or four circulating my life. Even if I was married, my mantra of ‘the more men the better’ would not be negotiable, and today, that holds true. I’ve been advised by Rudy, that men will read this and assume that I am intimate with my men friends; and I said not all men will, and he said, oh yea, that’s how men think.    

This is a story of lovers reuniting, in different cities than where they met, older, refined in sentiment, and loved in a capacity greater than they once were, as lovers.  To be continued.

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