Big spenders, rich or poor, are learning like me, that spending more than you have, like the US Government, follows you until your legs break over the debt line. I used to spend everything, before the check even arrived. Now, I am stimulated by resisting my fav delicacies, the extra beauty clutter, the wrapped $6.00 soaps, luxury bath salts and body creams, and the RLauren sales. I love to walk into a shop and leave with the one essential item. As I’ve moved into a 300 square foot no-kitchen casita and rented out the house, there’s no room for new stuff. I live with art, music, a few books, and a bulky 32″ television. There is a mini frig that suits two bottles, three condiments, pre-washed lettuce, and sliced cold cuts. Love the condensible lifestyle–so far.


Limo Loren called today. He drives limos, does errands for clients, hangs out at the pool at La Posada, and brings the gals iced water. Today he was at the laundromat, and noticed someone searching for quarters.
” Here’s a few, hope it helps.”
” Oh thanks so much, I really appreciate it”
Loren said to me, ” Are things really that bad that a quarter can make a difference?
Even the customers at Whole foods are checking their receipts, that’s way different.”