ADVENTURES IN LIVINGNESS falls on the order of disorder.

Imagine your thoughts as the ingredients for your future; how much risk, how much imagination, how much fear, how much to gain. Last year, fear and determination propelled me from hopeless to change, a lot of my life cracked, unexpected like an earthquake, and my sense of disorder spiraled. Friendships ended abruptly, finances diminished, the threat of foreclosure on my real estate, and health, sleeping and eating habits.
This year, the disorder is organized, much to my surprise as I’d given up hope just before the first aid arrived. A group of friends, strangers, and professionals tended to the disorder, and one by one, the foreclosures ended, my finances returned, and my health and habits regained. To sleep all night long, to have an appetite, and feel my spirit flourishing was worth the pain. I’m better now, in ways I needed to improve, and the insight never stopped, so many alarms were going off in my head, so I learned to read them, and they became mirrors of my flaws.
The ground is lonely, sometimes I can’t walk, other times I skip into life, and it grabs me, into adventures of passion. What was lost that first year, was my passion, from sitting in an aromatic coffee house and ordering a triple cappuccino, to an art performance, a party, a festival, concert, all of that died for months.
If we manage ourthCYHIJSTS thoughts, we can do ANYTHING.




2 thoughts on “ADVENTURES IN LIVINGNESS falls on the order of disorder.

  1. Wonderful we go through hell take the time to at least GET it .it will surprise you…when are you moving?

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