He was going to keep me warm this winter. Toggle behind me in his overcoat and boots, making  sure I didn’t slip on ice, or chop my hair when my anger meets my self destructiveness. He would plow the snow, keep the fire going, trim the roses that bloomed when we met, and hatch chilies in the kitchen. A boy, a man, and a girlfriend. He’s wrapped in primitive sensuality, gifted with athletic stamina, viscerally intelligent. There is the other side; a squadron of pointy fingers, family feuds, gossip, and the spark of emotional self-contentedness. He admits to it; and studies masters of consciousness every day. He strives for breath unscented, unencumbered childlike weightlessness. My star is dropping, the dream girl of adventures in livingness. Taking men in that hold impossible odds, the long shot that shoot you to the moon or dump you on a dirty bench.
I found someone once who held up all the right que cards; now we are best friends thirty years later. If
lovers are true friends than I don’t lock them out when they stumble on the script. Relationships between men and woman are unsolvable allegory poems. I read them over and over and never understand the meaning if I hold on to the wound. If I let the abrasion heal, I am still in love with them.


  1. Geezus Crimony to the max…..i get it…..what an incredible read…..truly as a poem in verse form, never meant to end, nor should it. This is by far, one that hits close to the old school thought process of expressionist enlightenment.


  2. You are a better man than I stay lousy in relationships and hold onto no one.As Timothy Leary said about relationships…”when the call is over hang up the phone.” I did that on every involvement… ties…no,callbacks.. No old,pals…Oh well!!!!

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  3. My head’s gonna explode And he says I’m charming I’m frickin frackin freaking out And he just keeps smiling Poise hell, he’s inert Apolitical nonjudgmental sunny sided optimist Get a life! It’s a dramatic world And he shows up with flowers?

    What am I gonna do with this guy.

    Dennis About differences in temperament, and how a little grace can lead to healing

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