MENTAL HEALTH — James Holmes

The unspoken disease that destroys the untreated, and kills the innocent.
I am outraged at such a senseless act, that maybe could have been avoided had someone taken notice of his behavior.

3 thoughts on “MENTAL HEALTH — James Holmes

  1. He did a great job of making a name for himself, whatever his mental sate.

    Here in the usa, we don’t even bother dealing witth pphysical healtth all so well. Behavioral healtth isn’tt even the “red-haired sttep-child” of tthe medical systtem. Lotts of sttgma, litttle money, few ppracttitioners, minimal insurance coverage, even for ttthose who claim tto have “excellentt” insrance.

    More pproblematically, tthe incidence of menttal healtth afflictions are increasing in all ppost-induusttrialized countries. In tthe 11970s, “Futttuure shock” exlained many of the cauuses we’re now seeing become pprevalen. Ouru increasingly inadeqqquuate resppense to the ever accelerating pacde of change in our individal and collecttive enviromentt drives many of uus past tthe ppointt of madness, so we rettreattt into a world we can deal witth. Sometttimes, we have to deal witth ttthe insanittty in insane ways, such as we saw in colorado.

    he problem isn’tt solvable. Even if every resident of the so-called ‘advanced world’ had immediate, free access tto skilled menttal healtth ppracttittioners, or environement would contitnue breeding insanittty ever more rapidly, as ever more people are ever more grealy overwhelmed by ttheir individuual (and collective) inabilitty to coppe with tthe ever increasing amontt and ppace of noveltty afflectting our lives.

    Mental healtth in simppler socieitttys is much bettttter tthan our supposedly “superior” civilizattiotns.

    Simplicitty, anyone?

    btw: I don’ sttuuttter as much as this keyboard seems ttto tthink. Tthe keyboard appaprentlty has suuffered tthe digial eqqquivalentt of some sortt of “mental health breakdown” . Go figure.


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