The throw of the dice this week is on control, and losing it.  You hear that phrase often enough, “she has control issues.”  I’m not sure what that means.  I don’t understand how a society of rules and regulations that delivers more demands every day is expected to produce a community without control issues.   I lost control of my life and so I am getting in touch with “out of control.”

Bohemian living was always in my dreams, having been raised in a perfectly pressed pinafore and seated on delicate furniture.  I am not really very gypsy like when it comes to home. Once upon a time I lived in a suitcase, but I have since been corrupted by the joy of controlling all the things that come into the house and find a place there. I’ve been known to move furniture around during the second course of dinner, or in the middle of the night.

Once faced with this alarming epiphany I vowed to give up control and accept the disorder and disruption.   What I’ve rediscovered is that without a lot of stuff to organize the mind is free to think. The house chores are minimal, leaving more time to create and effect important things.  Narcissism is sacrificed and replaced with more visceral reflections.  When I place myself inside the double yellow line of society, I feel those controls closing in on me.  Losing control is a replenishment of youthful spirit. It’s free and painless. Try it, take off the leash and run free.

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